Fist Full Of Comics welcomes contributions from anyone, from professional full-time comic artists to first time cartoonists (although most of the existing contributors fall somewhere in the middle).
It primarily seeks to publish sequential art – comic book stories between one and seven pages in length. However, other types of submissions will be accepted, including:

- Comic strips
- Single panel cartoons
- Front covers (colour)

There is no restriction on genre or art style. Contributions should generally be no more than MA-rated (i.e. no R-rated content), although that’s not to say that G-rated material won’t be more than welcome! Submissions should preferably not have been previously been published in print (content that has appeared online is fine), although exceptions may be made based on the distribution and age of the original appearance.

Fist Full Of Comics will also be considering text pieces, for example:

- Local news updates
- Articles on Australian comics history

- Short Stories
- Small press reviews.

Some short illustrated fiction may also be considered.

Fist Full Of Comics can’t pay creators at this point, but contributors will get a free copy of any issue they appear in, PLUS advertising space in that issue. For each page of art printed, you will get a quarter-page of advertising space. Send in four comic pages and get a full page of ad space! Ads can be for your own comic, website, garage sale – anything at all (within reason). Fist Full Of Comics will not design or typeset your ad, so make sure to supply it as you want it printed (see File types for more details). Advertising in exchange for text pieces will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Copyright will of course remain with the creators.

(Fist Full Of Comics isn’t intended to be a profit-making exercise; we are doing this because of our love of comics and a desire to provide a small outlet for local [and other] talent. If it does get to the level where substantial profit is made, rest assured that this will be passed on to the creators.)

Please email contributions to fistfullofcomics(at)gmail(dot)com as TIFF or JPEG files, using the following specifications.

148mm wide x 210mm tall, minimum 600dpi, CMYK. Note: Colour images will only be accepted for the front and back covers (i.e. no interior pages) unless previously discussed.

148mm wide x 210mm tall, minimum 600dpi.

Black and white (line-art)
148mm wide x 210mm tall, minimum 600dpi.

Contact details for each contributor will be supplied on the credits page for each issue. Accordingly, when sending submissions, please include:

- The title of your submission

- Your name (or the pen name you’d like your submission to be credited to)

- An email address for people to contact you (especially if different to the address the submission is sent from)

- Your website address (if applicable)

- A postal address (this will NOT be published unless specifically requested; it is where your contributor’s copy will be sent).

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