Good lord it has been a long time since I up dated this web site.

I am on my way to Supanova day two so all the books that I am selling will be up on the web page hopefully be the end of the 19th on November.

 Cover by Dave McNicol

 Cover by Kirk Kenny

Welcome to Fist Full of Comics

I am HEADFIST, editor, slave-master, proprietor and cheese counter of Fist Full of Comics.

Fist Full of Comics is a monthly Australian Comic Anthology dedicated to giving a platform for comic artists and writers, to get their work out there into world.

To coincide with Oz Con in Adelaide this weekend, Fist Full of Comics will be releasing two new books.

The Nexus Point

Written by Stewart Cook

Art by Robert Hall

Cover by David McNicol

'Drawn from four different periods in earths history , four heroes must learn to discover their individual paths as THE NEXUS POINT approaches, from here the course of history is determined between the end of the Earth...or a new dawn.'

Uber Snide

Created by Kirk Kenny

Bogans, Chavs, Scallies. Observe the modern underclass. The least 1% of the 99%. You might recognise Fred, Doog or Spadge, the inhabitants of Snideville. Fred's the leader of this trio, a spiky haired thug with a talent for mugging and one liners, a real ladies man. Then there's flame-haired Douglas, or Doog for short, he's a real ugly streak of piss. Last and least there's Spadge. Nobody knows Spadge's real name, just that he's a chain-smoking Pommie with a Manc Accent and the designated carjacker. Join them all as they tackle hospitals, giant animals, the future, unemployment and not much more. 52 pages of knockabout humour for the best toilet read yet. Mature readers.


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