Comic Writer. Artist. Animator. Editor. Yes, Frank Candiloro pretty much does it all. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Frank began his trip on the Artistic Train via studying 2D animation at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2007/8. That study led to an award-winning 8 minute animated film “Beware Of Black Dog!”, which subsequently led to the bi-weekly comic strip “The Adventures of White Wolf!”, combining mental illness with super heroics. Influenced by the Golden Age of Animation and the Golden/Silver Age of comics, his other work in comics is the modern-day take on the Universal Monsters “Millennial Monsters” which are collected in the irreverent counter-culture zine “Yuck!”.
Between animating, editing, writing comics, resurrecting the dead, chewing up scenery to feed his massively oversized ego, there’s rarely a dull moment for pesky young Frank. His shenanigans can be found at  

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