1970 Born Semaphore, Adelaide.

1984 Drew my first comics (drawn in year 8) insulting various teachers in my school. Earned wide acclaim from students and detentions from deputy principal.

1986 – 1988 Worked on my Catholic school’s student magazine as resident cartoonist.  First thrilling experience of having work censored.

1991 – 1996 Published my first mini-comic “Animal City” (#1-4) and the one-off “Miffy takes an e”.  Attended some Sydney OzCons and laughed a lot.

1997 “The Green Isle in the sea” published in “Platinum Grit” #9

1998-2000 Published several one-off mini-comics (not widely distributed)

2001 “The Wakefield Story” published in “DeeVee Molotov” (www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/briefings/cr_reviews/9038/)

2002-2007 Got a full-time job in a bank.  The shock of this was so great I didn’t draw comics for five years. Also all my hair fell out.

2008 Published a 1-off mini “Paper Comics”

2010 Started publishing “Paper Comics” as an ongoing “micro-mini” comic.  Plan to release an issue every 2-3 months.  (You can find “Paper Comics” at Pulp Fiction Comics)

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